Signs You’re Getting Older

This past week I realized a few things that told me I was getting older, here’s a short recap

1) I had to Google song lyrics our teenagers knew

2) Friends is now on Nick-at-Night







3) The Rugrats kids would be in college now

4) My childhood crush, Stephanie Tanner, is 30

5) The Oklahoma City Thunder have “veteran” leadership from 26 year olds

6) Kobe Bryant has played 17 years in the NBA and is 4 years older than me

7) A high schooler was talking to me about how “retro” things like vinyl and tape cassettes are

8) I can remember when Shaq was skinny

9) John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux were the original “Big Three”

10) I can remember when the Red Sox stunk

11) And when the Nationals played in Montreal

12) And when the Hornets played in Charlotte (anyone else pretend to be LJ?)

13) My first computer had less memory than the flash drive this was saved on

14) It was a huge deal…. to get a 36K modem

15) My first car was built 10 years before my incoming 7th graders were born

16) I talked about the “first Gulf War” once and students said “There was a first?”

17) Guys my age in the NFL are said to be “over the hill”

18) I played Number Munchers on an Apple when Apples were junk

19) The hottest player in MLB right now, Bryce Harper, was born when I was in 7th grade

20) We try to explain that Sam has a lot of videos on VHS and the response we get is “wow…”

What have been some of your hints that you’re getting older?

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