You Know You’re From Louisville….

Last night Carrie showed me a video of “Stuff Memphians Say” – It’s a really funny video, and even though I lived there only a year and a half I think I heard just about all of those references.

But I’m from Louisville, and everyone knows Louisville has its own distinct culture.

You know you’re from Louisville when:

1) When you meet someone else from Louisville, you only have to ask 3 questions to know everything about them: Are you originally from Louisville? Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school?

2) You care less about national sports but you know who won last years St. X/Trinity and Male/Manual games.

3) You get deeply offended when someone mispronounces the city name, even though there are at least 5 pronunciations considered accurate.

4) If you see Indiana plates on the car in front of you, you immediate assume they’ll drive 30 mph and you must get around them at all costs

5) You ever used to cruise Preston Highway

6) You know what “cruise Preston Highway” means

7) You visit other parts of Kentucky and cannot believe it’s the same state

8) You get mad when someone parks in the far right lane on Bardstown Road in the Highlands

9) You know Heine Brothers and Java Brewing Company better than Starbucks

10) You sat behind a pole to watch a Redbirds or UofL football game at Old Cardinal Stadium

11) You have ever been to a Catholic Church picnic and seen a fight

12) When Lent comes around you know where a good fish fry is

13) You do everything you can to avoid taking the Watterson

14) Depending on which part of town you grew up in, you have definite opinions about other parts of town

15) No matter what route, when asked how long it takes to get anywhere the answer is “about 20 minutes”

16) You recognize former UofL basketball players who still live in town

17) The Kentucky State Fair is a cultural experience

18) You get it when people talk about the Catholic vs. Public schools in sports

19) You remember when Waterfront Park was a dump

20) You’ve ever made funny faces in the giant mirror at the Science Museum

21) You trick-or-treated next to zoo animals as a kid

22) You’ve been to Waverly

23) You know someone who got caught by the cops at Waverly

24) You hate Derby but love the Oaks

25) You went on family vacations to Destin or Panama City and saw at least 1 person you knew

26) You’ve worn shorts and a winter coat in the same week and don’t think anything of it

27) Cherokee Park still confuses you when you try to drive or run through there

28) The only time you went to Indiana was to buy fireworks or pumpkins

29) You played in the fountain at the Belvedere as a kid

What additions/edits do you have?


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