Interview with Megan Harper

This is an interview with Megan Harper, one of our students who recently led a Leadership Development lock-in as part of her 4-H involvement. Megan is one of our students who is so busy with so many things that it took a while to get this. But it’s worth it because this is one of our students who I know is going to do great things. She’s already demonstrated leadership, competency, and maturity to balance all this and maintain a very high academic record.

why did you host a leadership lockin?

In 4-H there are three honors you can achieve: bronze, silver and gold. When you achieve your gold honor you have to plan a project and carry it out based on the needs of the community and your interests. I have found there to be a great need for greater youth leadership in our community as well as a need for initative from youth as well. Thus, I created a leadership lockin for any teenagers in western kentucky and especially those in 4-H.

What lessons did I learn?

I learned a lot of lessons through this experience. First and formost planning and prepardness is key! Also, if you are counting on someone do handle a project be prepared if they don’t come through. I learned, as a leader, that there are many different types of leaders.

How do you feel God is going to use you down the road?

I honestly have no Idea wheat direction he has planned for me. I believe it has something to do with leadership but the location of that action is unknown.

How has your time at WBC helped train you for leadership?

WBC has helped me to understand the complexity of leadership. Leadership is not simply a word it is an action and a pledge that one must take daily. In our church there are so many leadership roles that there is not simply just one leader. But there are many that must work together to make each day at WBC successful. WBC has also shown me how as Christians we should lead others, particularly on everyday tasks.

What’s the one thing you want the church to know about you?

Age is just a number. I am one of those youth that may have a low number but at the end of everyday “the low numbered” can have more drive, willingness, and impact than anyone.


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