Parent E-mail January 25


I can’t believe it! Samuel is 9 weeks old today. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support to us during this exciting time. I wanted to alert you to some upcoming events and information, as well as some changes to the plans.
Ski Trip Cancelled – We had planned to do a ski trip the weekend of Presidents Day, but we have had to cancel that due to that Monday being the make-up day for both Murray & Calloway.
Spring Break Trip – After finding a great conference for us to go to, and really thinking of how to be best stewards, I have decided to change up the schedule of our Spring Break trip. Our cost will be reduced to $50, we will be leaving early Saturday morning instead of Friday night, and we are not going to be attending the Creation Museum. I want to make this trip as accessible as possible, and do not want money to be a factor. If you want to go as a family on this trip, we would be glad for you to be able to come and serve the Lord together! Please contact me so we can work out pricing, t-shirt sizes, and transportation. I have our lodging for the week secured, at First Baptist Church of Mason OH (suburb of Cincinnati, right by Kings Island)
Give Me An Answer – Southern Seminary hosts an annual conference for high school (and I’m OK bringing our middle schoolers) students centered on apologetics, based on 1 Peter 3:15. This year’s topic is the “Important Conference” which is about students finding out what’s really important, by living according to wisdom and discernment, on March 18-19. This is a link to the conference: The cost of this conference is $100, which will include the conference cost, meals during the conference, admission to the Slugger Museum, and lodging (Ramada Inn on Zorn Ave, 5 minutes from SBTS). The plan is to leave Thursday evening after school, and spend Friday morning at the Louisville Slugger Museum (where they make the bats), and eat lunch in downtown Louisville before the conference. We’d be coming back Saturday evening after the conference is over. I need to know ASAP if your student is planning to go, and if you are interested in chaperoning I may be in need of at least 1 more male and 1 more female, depending on the numbers.
Camp Deposits – Camp deposits of $50 are due by Sunday, February 6. I am asking for deposits this early because we have a special rate reserved, and it costs us extra to add/drop after February 15. After February 6, anyone wishing to attend camp will have to go on a waiting list until someone drops. We will be going back to Crossings at Cedarmore, and the dates are June 6-10. The final cost is $225. There will be opportunities for fundraising through the Wednesday fellowship meals and if your student wants to be rented out to do work for church members. More information can be found for Crossings here: Chaperone applications are available outside my office, right now I am in need of one more male and 2 female chaperones (though if Carrie goes that would only be 1 more female).
Sunday Night Studies – In the past we have had Tuesday night studies for the guys and girls. I have been toying with this for some time and I would like to give it a shot. Instead of tying up families another night and causing you to be apart from your students another night during the week, I would rather have these studies on Sunday nights, when we are already doing church programming. I am still working on nailing down host homes, so if you are available to use your house to host, let me know if you would prefer guys or girls. Right now the plan is for the study to be on biblical manhood & womanhood. The tentative times for this would be from 5:30-7:00PM, to coordinate when services are at Westside. More information will be coming on when this starts and where the studies will be.
Thank you for all you do to partner for the Gospel!
Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns you may have. My cell is always on me for calls, texts, and email access.

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