From a 15th century pillar of faith

I came across this in an email from Carl Stam and the “Worship Quote of the Week:”

From Thomas a Kempis Imitatio Christi/The Imitation of Christ

Jesus hath now many lovers of His heavenly kingdom,
but few bearers of His Cross.

He hath many that are desirous of consolation,
but few of tribulation.

He finds many companions of His table,
but few of His abstinence.

All desire to rejoice with Him,
but few are willing to endure anything for His sake.

Many follow Jesus to the breaking of bread,
but few to the drinking of the chalice of His Passion.

Many reverence His miracles,
but few follow the ignominy of His Cross.

Many love Jesus as long as they meet with no adversity,
Many praise Him and bless Him as long as they receive
some consolations from Him.

But if Jesus hid Himself, and leave them for a little while,
they either murmur or fall into excessive dejection.


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