Sunday Night Series

Well, the time has come! I finish up preaching on Sunday nights for big church on September 12, and after that we’ll be back to having a time for our students to dig deeper into God’s Word, theology, culture, worldview, etc. We call it DIVE for a reason… we dive deep and we go hard. It’s fun, we laugh a lot, and we talk, a lot. It’s probably my favorite time interacting with you guys, because we really get to talk through some big deal stuff. Here’s my dilemma, I don’t know what to do! Take the poll, vote, and help me decide what we should be doing starting next month for a few weeks. Please vote once, this isn’t Chicago (home of the phrase “vote early and vote often”). This is not limited to students too, if any adults want to be a part of our study you’re welcome to (as long as Brother Glynn is OK with it). Thanks!


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