Day 2 Update

Today was a great day – Talking about God as our Father and what all that really means for us, both in the really bad news about God’s holiness and our utter failure and depravity to live up to His standards, and the great news in Jesus. Adoption is the theme and it’s so refreshing to hear how we go from fatherless to having God as our Father when we come to faith in Christ.

During POI time we caught a lot of fish, and by we I mean everyone but me. I’m pretty sure there’s no fish in this lake where I throw my line in. But you can see Dylan’s great catch here

All that said, tonight was the night where the Gospel was laid out clearly and we had several students respond. I won’t put names on here, because I want to have some time to process this and talk to these students a little more about their commitment and what it really means (including baptism, church membership, and what it means to be a disciple). Suffice it to say the Kingdom grew tonight. And has potential to grow even more over the next few days. Pray, Pray, PRAY!

Here’s a few links to some video from the week. Robin Dawson has photos on her Facebook page.


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