Day 1 Summary

The Good

  • We made it on time! Even with the time change and pit stops
  • We got here with everyone – Including our 3 who had to come later
  • No one lost anything – So far so good
  • Our camp pastor is amazing
  • We have great adults with us – My heart was joyous for the 4 others here and burdened for us to be praying with/for our students in our rooms

The Bad

  • One of the guy’s rooms had an air-conditioner problem, it was no bueno. We had to get maintenance to come up and look at it – Good news though, it’s fixed
  • Scott didn’t get Chick-Fil-A for lunch
  • Being away from Carrie and Baby D for a week
  • This could be a very uncomfortable week for us as we’re challenged by God’s Word in our lives, I know it will be for me

The Ugly

  • Our missions emphasis is India, and our money is going to an orphanage there – Ugly because we have no idea how good we have it, how blessed we are, and how God has given us money/time/resources to further His kingdom… and we blow it
  • 300 white people dancing – There were only a couple people on beat (and it sure wasn’t me!)

This should be a very exciting week. We got here safely today, registered and got our supper. Our adults had a really heartfelt sharing and prayer time while the students were in Bible study. So grateful to be around other adults who are “get it” people of what this is really about. Everyone found their group and met their leaders, had a very compassionate leader pull me aside during Free Time to talk. We were challenged by our camp pastor, Rob Turner, to not miss it. Christ must be the center, the focus, the drive for everything, He must be our Lord. And that’s over everything.

During our small group time we talked some about the Beyond Effect, which is the missions emphasis here. Less about leaving it at camp and more about changing the world. Blending your passion with your burden, and using that as a vehicle for the Gospel. I hope I get annoyed with tons of ideas from our students about that, and I mean that lovingly and in jest for anyone wondering!

Our missions offering is going to India to an orphanage, where $20 will take care of a child’s basic needs of food, water, shelter, and education. More than that, it gives the child a chance to hear about Jesus. No telling how many hundreds of people come into the Kingdom through this… Our challenge is to raise enough money to support a kid for a year, $240. Less than 10 bucks for every person there. Even if it means not getting snack bar stuff, it’s worth it. Only Christ is worthy of this child’s worship and glory, not the pantheon of Hindu deities or the ancestral spirits or any of that. Only Christ, and hopefully through our small contribution we have the chance to introduce this child to Jesus…. So he/she can be Adopted, in the most amazing way possible, and hopefully adopted in a more tangible way as well.

To God alone be the Glory….



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