Crossings Packing List

What to Bring

  • Linens, Towels, Pillows
  • Bible, Notepad, Pen
  • Appropriate clothing – Also need clothes for recreation (close toed shoes) and throwaway “outfit” if you want to get in the mudpit
  • Shorts that are made of a sturdy material (like khaki), not mesh or that type for climbing
  • Beach towel, sunscreen, bug spray
  • Personal items (Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc)
  • Spending money – We’ll stop for lunch on the way there and on the way back, they have a snack shack and souvenirs, but I really want the mission offering to take precedence
  • Girls – Must wear shorts over swimsuits
  • Lake shoes – Could cut your foot on a rock
  • Please don’t wear white shirts for water activities

What not to bring

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs (Or ANY clothing with logos)
  • Fireworks or any kind of weapon
  • Radios, portable CD players, iPods, etc – This is a Crossings rule as well as mine
  • No cell phones

Dress Code

  • Clean, Neat, and Modest
  • No anti-Christian, vulgar, or other counter-biblical messages (alcohol, tobacco, non-Christian music)
  • Guys – Keep your shirt on except when in the water
  • Shoes/Sandals are required
  • Here’s a posting from the Crossing’s website:

We ask that all students and adults dress modestly.  For females, shorts need to be longer than fingertips when arm is extended down the side of leg.  We do not allow spaghetti strap tank tops or any tops where undergarments can be seen.  Swimsuits must be one piece, no exceptions. For females, shorts must be worn over swimsuits at all times, even in the water. For both males and females, shirts must be worn at all times when walking to and from the lake/pool.  As a parent, please help your student be prepared for this dress code.

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