A Father’s Prayer

Some thoughts I wrote down yesterday when I was meditating on fatherhood, and as I was reading the Radical book by David Platt.

A Father’s Prayer

My child, you and I have not yet met face to face, but I have seen your shape being formed and I have heard your heart beat. And I must tell you; I am so madly in love with you. Every day that passes and I am one day closer to meeting you, I cannot contain my joy. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, to comfort you, to pick you up when you fall down, and to pray over you while you sleep. I look forward to the day Jesus becomes as real to you as your mommy and I are, and that day He calls you to Himself.

I want you to know how I am praying for you. You’ll read this some years later, and I hope that these prayers come to pass.

I pray that you would know Christ

I pray that you would feel your daddy’s love

I pray that you would feel your mommy’s love

I pray that you would be healthy, strong, and brilliant

I pray that you would run to me when thunder claps, the lights go out, when monsters are under your bed, and when you skin your knee

I pray that you would love serving Jesus

I pray (if you’re a boy – we don’t know yet) that you would grow into a godly man, and that you would marry a woman like your mommy. I pray you would cherish her, love her, and be a strong man for her.

I pray (if you’re a girl) that you would find a man who loves you as much as your daddy does, in whose arms you feel safe, that you would love him like your mommy loves your daddy. I pray that you would be loving, gracious, kind, and his greatest encouragement and helper.

I pray that you would do excellent in everything you do, that you would grow academically, have your mommy’s singing voice, be more coordinated than your daddy, and find joy in all you do.

I pray that God would give you grace gifts to do things for him, and that you would find out what they are and do those for Jesus.

I pray that no matter how much you love mommy and daddy, you would love Jesus more. And that you would find all your joy and peace in Him.

I pray that when it comes time to let you go, that you would go wherever God takes you.

I pray that you will have more faith than I did.

I pray you would have a heart for the nations, that you would love people who live far away and that you would pray for them and share Jesus with them.

My child, I don’t want the American Dream for you. I don’t know what the American Dream will be when you read this, but I don’t want you to be happy with stuff, vacation, and easy life. I want you to know Christ, make Him known, and be willing to go wherever He takes you, whatever the cost.
I love you



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