May Newsletter Article

Thank you so much for all your kind words, encouragement, and support during these early days of Carrie’s pregnancy. We are so excited about the life that we have been entrusted with, and we are already praying for our son/daughter. Hearing his/her heartbeat the other day was one of the most profound experiences of my life, and in that moment I was hit so hard with how fragile our heartbeat, our life, is. We live and move and breathe only by the grace of God. And we are not promised another day; only by His grace do we wake up each morning. That said, I have a few thoughts to share with you, Church, regarding this.

1)     Don’t Waste Your Life – I’m giving the book by the same title to our graduates, because I don’t want them to settle for the lie called “The American Dream.” I want their lives to count, I want your lives to count, and I want my life to count. Don’t waste a single moment of it. Only one life, t’will soon be past; Only what’s done for Christ will last

2)     Take each day you’re given as a gift from a good and loving God. Don’t settle for the routine of everyday life. Recognize that each day you are breathing is a day for you to proclaim the excellencies of Christ, to make Him more glorious in your life.

3)     Pursue Christ in every aspect of your life. Your work, your home, your activities, etc.

Soli Deo Gloria,



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