My April Newsletter Article

A Gospel Centered Life, or a Religious Life? At the onset you would probably think I was crazy to say that being religious is a problem. Some may say that religion is good for the world, that it promotes morality, values, etc. And you’re right, it does all that. What is it missing though? The Gospel….

Recently I came across a blog post talking about the Gospel Life vs. the Religious Life. I’ve put in some of my own thoughts as well. Here goes, it talked about:

1) Our reaction when things go bad – A religious life says “God, you owe me this!” But a Gospel life says “God, you owe me nothing except that which you freely give by grace. I trust you more now than ever”

2) Our reaction to others – A religious life says “Hey, at least I’m not as messed up as that guy!” A Gospel life says “By the grace of God that is not me. Only by the cross am I who I am right now”

3) Jesus – A religious life says “Yeah I follow Jesus, and He’s part of my life when I have time. I’m a good guy, I pay my taxes, love my family, etc.” A Gospel life says “Jesus is my greatest treasure, the object of my greatest desires, and the deepest longing of my heart”

I write this to challenge you to examine yourselves, and your families and ask yourself the hard question: “Are we a religious family, or are we a Gospel family?” Gospel centered families aren’t always easy, but the Kingdom rewards and impact are amazing!

Soli Deo Gloria


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