Ten Things to Hear

Carrie sent me this list of 10 Things a Pastor’s Wife Loves to Hear. Here they are, some funny some all too true:

10.) On our date night I just need to make a few hospital visits.

9.) I think I should go back to seminary.l

8.) It’s funny how God always calls a pastor to a church that pays more.

7.) I noticed your family went to bed early last night.

6.) I can’t believe the pastor’s wife would do (or say or think) that.

5.) If it were my child I would want to know.

4.) Are you visiting with us today?

3.) I have been asked to do a funeral/wedding/baptism.

2.) Dear Lord, thank you for our pastor and his family.

1.) Well done my good and faithful servant.

After reading through them, I started wondering what 10 Things Every Youth Pastor Loves to Hear. Same principle applies, some are good to hear, some not so much…
10) Your budget is going to be reduced next year, giving is down and the economy is hurting, but we’re going to spend $______ on this new ______.
9) We’re going to bring you on part-time, but I foresee this being a full time position before too long
8) Why aren’t you able to make it to __________ that my son/daughter is doing __________?
7) Thank you for being able to come on such short notice, we didn’t know who else to call.
6) That camp was great, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as __________.
5) You showed me something from the Bible I had never thought of before, and that was pretty cool.
4) Oh, he’s just the youth minister. He’s not a real pastor.
3) My son/daughter wants you to come to their graduation party, you’ve meant so much to them.
2) I’ve gotten to experience so much because of you, and you’ve helped me grow closer to God. Now I want to be a youth minister.
1) Thank you.

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