Weekend in Louisville

This past weekend we got to go back to Louisville for a wedding shower hosted by my aunt’s for Carrie. It was great to get to go back home, if nothing else because I miss being able to see UofL banners and billboards (by the way, preseason top 5 for basketball), and dear family and friends.
We got to spend some considerable time with my mentor and dear friend, Scott Davis, who recently was called to serve full time at my home church. It was a sweet time of fellowship and discussion and encouragement. His thinking, preaching, writing, and influence I find often in my own ministry. I owe a dear amount of my personal growth to him and his mentoring during college and Seminary, even if his favorite team is nothing but felons and thugs 🙂

It was also fun to spend time with my sisters and the new additions to their house, Olivia and Norman, two cats with very different personalities.

There was the “aww” moment with the pics! Great trip home, keep praying for the city as they recover from the storms resulting from Hurricane Ike!


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